Here's how it works

1. You will contact me to discuss where you would like your
 vehicle driven to and to set the timeframe of the transport.

2. Registration and Insurance documents must be up to date.
 Any vehicle maintenance issues must be remedied before pickup.
 Special attention should be paid to tire condition.

3. For Florida transports, I will take possession of the vehicle
 and depart a day earlier than your flight. You will have fueled
 the vehicle and packed it as fully as you wish in the trunk and
 rear seat with any belongings you wish to have transported.

4. During the journey, I will keep in contact with you via
 cellphone or email to update you on my progress and the
 estimated time of arrival.

5. Upon your arrival at the airport, the vehicle will be
 delivered to you and a final inspection will be conducted
 to ensure your satisfaction. Final payment will be made
 at this time.

Client's Fees

The Fee includes all of the following;

A. Driving Fee
B. Fuel
C. My return airfare
D. Tolls are at the expense of the Client. EZ Pass is recommended. 

In the event of a breakdown, I carry AAA membership
which will most likely enable the vehicle to be towed to a
repair shop. Any necessary mechanical repairs that are
necessary will be the obligation of the vehicle owner. 

How to Book

1. Once we have agreed upon the basics, I will email
    you a contract for your review and approval. 
   The contract will contain specific language relating
   to the terms of our agreement.

2. I will need a deposit, in the amount equal to my
   return airfare, which I will use to purchase my
   return airline ticket in advance. Once purchased,
   the deposit is non refundable.
Special Conditions
1. I do not transport passengers.
2. I cannot transport pets due to allergies.
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